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It’s okay to go MIA

Dear readers,

I don’t want anyone to think I’ve forgotten about the blog. Life began to get overwhelming and I really needed extra time to compose myself.

When life does get overwhelming, I tend to fall into depressive slumps that aren’t good for me. Let’s just say handling my emotions is not my strong point.

As the title says, it’s okay to go MIA. You need that time to recharge your batteries and regain focus. I have this belief that taking care of mental health is just as Important as taking care of your physical health.

I’m the next post, hopefully this week, I want to focus more on mental health.

I know this is a short post. I really want to focus back on the blog and recommit myself to a constant post schedule.

I thank the world for my readers

-Kandice Franklin

P.S. if you have any suggestions for consistency and general focus, please feel free to comment

I’m addicted…….to coffee!!

“I can’t imagine a day without coffee. I can’t imagine.” – Howard Schultz

As a single parent, I’m constantly exhausted. I work a full-time job and somehow still have enough energy to take care of my son. I am always tired but seeing the smile on his face keeps me encouraged. I refuse to let anything slow me down or keep me from taking care of my son.

But I do have a confession. I can’t manage my day without coffee. I feel so sluggish if I don’t have it. I know you all might think it is cliche but it really helps my daily routine. I could LITERALLY drink it all day long.

I want to know the most important steps for your morning routine. Comment down below and tell me what gets you going in the morning!

Have an awesome day!!