Good morning everyone,

I hope you all woke up with a purpose and a drive to accomplish your goals.

I was feeling inspired and I just wanted to write about a subject that I’ve dealt with my entire life.

As we develop as individuals, it can be tough when people you love have their opinions on everything. Whether it’s how you should dress, how you speak, how you should act, who you should hang around, and even how you think.

I see this so often as an adult, I can only imagine how tough it can be for a child. Everyone is raised differently and that shows through our parenting style. Sometimes I reflect back on how I was raised and how it has affected me as an adult. Just to give a brief example, I wish my mom would’ve taught me to appreciate my natural hair instead of forcing me to get it relaxed. Now that I am natural, I’m learning how to take better care of my hair, even if it’s not the easiest task.

I just want the relationship between my son and I to be as healthy as possible. I have a strong belief that you can raise a child to be a respectable, honest adult without having to constantly yell or belittle them.

Readers, if you have any thoughts on this manner, feel free to leave a comment.

Sidenote: This post has been sitting in my drafts for six days. I am so embarassed to even mention that. Even worse, I started this post in my notebook at the beginning of the month. Although I didn’t need to mention any of this information, I do try to put thought and effort into every post. Life just happens sometimes.

Thank you for listening






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